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Many Plumbing Catastrophes Could Be Avoided

"The extensive water damage caused by many plumbing problems could be avoided with a regular plumbing inspection."  -  Tom Thornton, Sav-On Plumbing

 Many of the plumbing components in your home or business have a life span.

A plumbing mishap is more than bad luck. Water leaks usually occur because of a lack of plumbing fixture maintenance. 

Just as regular teeth cleanings can prevent serious dental problems, a systematic, proactive plumbing system inspection can help you minimize emergency repairs and resulting water damage. 

For a limited time, we are offering our 62-point Plumbing System Inspection for:
Including a FREE Water Heater Flush. The inspection alone is a $200 value.
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Here are just a few examples of plumbing components that fail over time or benefit from regular maintenance:

  • Shut off valves –To prevent damage if a water leak occurs, a properly functioning shutoff valve is necessary. Frequently, homeowners experience plumbing problem and their water shutoff valve snaps when they attempt to turn off the water. Most valves over 15 years old are very prone to breaking.
  • Galvanized pipe – Used for decades prior to the 1970s, galvanized pipe has a tendency to build up rust, clogging or fouling your drinking water. As they age, galvanized pipes erode and can cause a health hazard over time. 
  • Water heater – Your water heater is one the most likely plumbing components to fail unnecessarily, often due to neglected maintenance. Many homeowners do not realize their water heater requires yearly maintenance. A water heater that receives needed maintenance typically lasts twice as long as a poorly maintained water heater. For a limited time, we include a water heater flush with our 62-point plumbing system inspection.
  • Toilets – You may have noticed over time that just replacing the guts of your toilet tank barely improves its function. It may take two tries for a complete flush or your toilet may leak in different spots. We can advise you if your toilet needs replacing or if it just needs an adjustment.

Here are some inspection points in our 62-Point Plumbing System Inspection:

  • We’ll give your water heater the equivalent of a Mayo Clinic physical. We check the condition of your anode rod, which works like the filter on your furnace. We flush the tank, helping to clear accumulated sediment. We inspect flue piping, any gas shutoff, the drain, temperature and pressure relief vales, and more. 
  • In the kitchen, we inspect everything from the faucets and shut off to supply valves. We include the dishwasher and disposal connections, the ice cube maker, filters and drains.
  • In bathrooms, we inspect the shower or tub faucets and drains, sinks and toilets. We review shut-off and supply valves, inner workings of the toilets, drain connections, faucets, and your showerhead and downspout.
  • In your laundry room, we inspect shut offs, hoses, drains, sink drains and faucets. Did you know that washing machine failures top the list of leading causes of residential water damage?
  • Your water pipes include your main shutoff, freeze protection (if needed), and your water pressure. High water pressure causes many problems in homes we inspect. 
  • Your drainpipes including your cleanouts, the slope of them and support.
  •  We inspect your vacuum breakers, your CO2 detector if you have a gas water heater and then double check critical components. 

These guys were fantastic. They got there ten minutes early ... They showed us how to use the water softener as I had never had one before.

They started taking apart the sinks as my boyfriend went to Home Depot to get the new faucets it turned out we needed. They answered his calls from the store and even spoke with a floor rep to make sure he got the right things. They installed them and were gone. They were friendly and gave great advice on different ways to save money. Some having nothing to do with plumbing at all. 

We have their sticker on our water heater tank to make sure we know who to call whenever we need plumbing done again.
- Bonnie D., Phoenix

Polite, skilled, clean, on-time, trustworthy, detailed and thorough! These guys are great!
- Susan H.

Sav-on is reliable, knowledgeable and prompt. I love their service! 
- Holly B.

The cynic in you might say, “Well of course they’re going to find stuff to fix.” You may think we will suggest fixes for things that are not critical repair to pad our bill. We pay our plumbers hourly, not on commission, so they have no incentive to suggest fixes for things that do not require repair and often make small free fixes as they inspect. Because they work hourly, they take all the time you need to feel comfortable with their suggestions. 

We hope you will look at our dozens and dozens of positive testimonials and reviews.

We’re doing this for a few reasons.

  • Now is a great time for preventative services. 
  • An inspection allows us to meet future customers under relaxed circumstances. Our goal on every call is to become your go-to plumber, someone you will not hesitate to tell your neighbors about. 
  • Emergency plumbing calls are expensive. Our exclusive 62-point Plumbing System Inspection will dramatically reduce the often-extensive water damage associated with a sudden plumbing failure. 

For a limited time, we are offering our 62-point Plumbing System Inspection for:
Including a FREE Water Heater Flush. The inspection alone is a $200 value.

We only schedule 20 of these per month. First come, first served. To book yours now, call 602-461-7159.

There are currently 8 openings in May.

There are currently 14 openings in June.

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