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Plumbing Questions

1. Q: Why is the name of the business “Sav-on Plumbing, LLC”?

A: It’s because that’s what you’ll do if you call us for your plumbing needs. If you have any doubts, get two other estimates, then call us. Our price will consistently be lower than the other guys’, and you’ll love our service. We guarantee it.

2. Q: We run out of hot water after only a short time and that has never happened before. Why is it happening?

A: Most likely you have an element or thermostat on your water heater that needs replacement. We can test that and quote you a price before we do the work so you’ll know the exact cost before we start.

3. Q: We can hear water running but we can’t see it anywhere. What’s going on?

A: Usually it will be a bad flapper in a toilet letting water go down the drain, “sight unseen.” However, it could be a hose bib not shutting off all the way, or possibly a leaking irrigation system.

4. Q: We have a “hot spot” on our floor. What is causing that?

A: It could be that a hot water pipe under the floor is not buried as deep as it should be. A hot water leak (slab leak) under the concrete is another possibility.

5. Q: Our sewer line / drain lines keep backing up. We get them cleaned but it doesn’t take long before we have the same problem. What’s wrong?

A: This is usually caused by tree roots in the sewer line that grow back quickly after not being cut out entirely. There are several other possible causes, such as separating pipe, sinking pipes, etc. This may require a video inspection to get to the cause of the problem.

6. Q: Our pipes make knocking sounds in the wall. How do we get them to stop?

A: Sometimes this can be caused by a loose washer vibrating when a valve is turned off.

Other times it may require the installation of a “hammer arrestor” on the water line.

7. Q: Our water bill has gone up a lot in the last month. Why is this?

A: The most common reason for this is a toilet that is not shutting off all the way, letting water overflow the standpipe in the toilet and going silently down the drain.

8. Q: Why should we call you for our plumbing needs and not “Joe the Plumber” two miles away?

A: You’ll save more than money with Sav-on Plumbing, LLC. You’ll also save time and aggravation. We’ll show up at the agreed-upon time, won’t charge you a service call and will complete the work in the time frame agreed upon with you, the customer.