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Water Softeners, Filters, Reverse Osmosis

When You Need Clean, Clear, Soft Water: Water Softeners, Filters or Reverse Osmosis

Keep Your Water Pressure, Lose the Deposits.

Is your tap water leaving mineral spots? Does it smell like eggs? Those minor annoyances may mean that you have hard water.

Hard water isn’t harmful to you or your pets, but it can wreak havoc with your plumbing. Mineral deposits from hard water can build up in your pipes, cause scale and rust to accumulate and reduce your water pressure. The end result is a shorter lifespan of your toilet, sinks, hot water heater and even your appliances.

So what can you do about hard water? Depending on your plumbing system, you can choose a water softener, reverse osmosis system or a water filtration system. Each system will remove free-flowing minerals before they reach your pipes, and you.

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Your Team Spirit Doesn’t Look the Same

Your colors don’t run…but they’re fading. Fast. Mineral deposits can turn the whitest whites yellow and dim your brights so they’re a shade off – even if you’re following the washing instructions to the letter.

The residue you see on your clothes and on your favorite team cups are also what lands in your dishwasher and your clothes washer. After a while, those deposits build up and cause your appliances to work harder and wear out faster. For deposit-free, stay-true colors and longer lasting appliances, contact us for your free, in-home water softener or reverse osmosis system estimate. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your home.

FAQs for Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners

What is hard water?

Hard water refers to a large number of minerals that remain in the water. When the water evaporates, the minerals remain behind and look and feel chalky. Over time, these deposits can harden and cause additional wear-and-tear on your appliances, faucets, toilets and hot water heaters.

What are the advantages of having soft water?

Your appliances, like your coffee maker, dishwasher, clothes washer and hot water tank work better. Soap lathers better. The colors of your clothes stay true, and whites stay brighter. Your water pressure remains strong as any mineral buildup is minimized. Your water is odor-free and tasteless.

How much does a Reverse Osmosis System cost?

There are many types of Reverse Osmosis Systems, and one size rarely fits all. That’s why we offer free in-home evaluations on your drinking water. We’ll come to your home, test your water for hardness and provide solutions that work best for the size of your home and your family’s water usage. It also depends on whether you need a two-stage or a five-stage RO system to achieve the quality of drinking water you desire.

What are the differences between a two-stage RO unit and a five-stage RO unit?

The two-stage unit uses two water filters, while the five-stage unit uses five water filters. A five-stage system gives you better quality drinking water as it filters out more impurities to give you pure water.

How often do I need to change my Reverse Osmosis filters?

We recommend changing the filters on your water purifier system every six months depending on your water usage for good clean drinking water. You should also consult your owner’s manual.

What causes low pressure at my Reverse Osmosis spout?

The most common reason for low pressure is the need to change the water filters. If that does not resolve the problem, contact us today. We can help you trouble-shoot your system.

Why did my RO system stop producing water?

Your Reverse Osmosis system needs water to filter water. Check your RO system’s drain and remove any deposits that may be preventing the water from reaching the filtration point. Contact us today if that doesn’t resolve the problem.

Why am I am not getting any soft water from my system?

First, check and make sure your water softener has salt in the brine tank. More often than not, your water softener ran out of salt and cannot produce any more soft water. If the tank still has salt and water pooling in it, contact us today.

What if I have plenty of salt in my brine tank, but I am still not getting soft water?

You may have exceeded the capacity of your water softener. If so, start a manual regeneration cycle when you are done running water for the day. See your owner’s manual for details on your system’s process and more specific instructions, or contact us today for a service call.

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