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Slab Leaks

Wondering what slab leaks are, how they can harm your home, what to do about them or wondering where a plumber comes in? That’s a lot of questions, friend, but we can help.

Slab leaks? The phrase isn’t well understood, but given the amount of damage a slab leak can cause, it should be. If you’re not sure whether or not you have slab leaks, it’s time to talk to a Glendale plumber right away. If you think you do have one, plumbing help is even more critical.

Here are some indications it’s time to call a plumber. The strange sound of running water, hotspots on the floor or an unexpected spike in your water bill. If you have any of these indications – or, worse, damage to drywall or cabinets – stop reading and call us at Sav-On Plumbing immediately.

Understanding slab leaks is a good preventative measure. That way, you can protect your home and know when to call a plumber if something goes wrong.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a pretty simple concept: it’s a water leak below the concrete slab of your home. That’s not where water should be, of course, unless that water is flowing through pipes. Flowing free, however, water can cause extensive and expensive damage to the structural foundation and the interior of your home.

Among the possible damages are:

  • Moisture soaking into the concrete slab of your home, causing it to expand
  • Hotspots below your home, which can damage items inside your house
  • Water running into foundations, damaging wood and rusting metal
  • Softening of home structures, making them more vulnerable to pests and outside influences
  • Damaging the structural integrity of your home

So what causes a slab leak? Since about 90 percent of slab leaks occur in the hot water piping, expansion and contraction play a major role. There’s a lot more stress on the hot water pipes. Add to that the scaling that occurs inside the pipes from minerals in the water and you have the perfect storm for a slab leak. Even a sharp rock sitting on a pipe underground can finally wear a hole in the piping.

What Are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

The main signs of a slab leak include the sound of running water in your walls even when you turn all other sources off. In other words, you shouldn’t hear water if you’re not using water. Sometimes, visual cues accompany the leak such as damp drywall or trim damp near the bottom portion. An unexplained wet spot in the carpet or tile is another bad sign. Running out of hot water when you never have before is often a warning sign.

Another common sign is a warm spot on the floor. That may indicate that water is running – but not through a pipe. Finally, a noticeable increase in your water, gas, or electric bill could mean that water is leaking somewhere, reducing efficiency and wasting nature’s precious resources. If you’ve noticed any of these problems, it’s time to call a plumber right away.

What Should You Do If You Suspect a Leak?

Foundations are tough, so except in extreme cases, you most likely don’t need to worry about the concrete slab itself. The main concern is the integrity of the pipes below the home and the damage it causes, which is why you should call a plumber immediately when you suspect a leak. At Sav-On Plumbing, we are extremely adept at locating slab leaks and repairing them right away, reducing costs and the stress of a major remodel.

First, we come in and assess leaks. From there, our professionals pinpoint the leak’s origin. We use noninvasive thermal imaging that keeps you, your family and your pets safe, while locating the leak as quickly as possible. We also use other types of pipe location and sound equipment, ensuring that your problem resolves as quickly and efficiently as possible. We then recommend a course of action for your unique situation, taking into account your home and your budget. We work with insurance companies when you have damage and many insurers in the Valley have approved us already.

Once we settle on an approach, we will schedule a time that works for you to fix the problem. Our workers are friendly, respectful and fast — in and out of your home in as little time as possible. We never leave a mess behind, and we always leave your home better than we found it. When done with our method, the slab-leak repair process is pretty painless.

Who You Gonna Call?

Admit it, “Sav-On Plumbers!” has almost as nice a ring as “Ghostbusters. Seriously, we offer the quality, professional service you need to protect your home now and in the long run. We want to help in any way we can, but it starts with you giving us a call as soon as you suspect anything. Together, we can form a proactive plan that deals with the current problem and safeguards your investment for the long run.

And hey, while we’re at it, why not make a deal to save mucho dollars too? Our team would like to formally invite you to join the Sav-On VIP Club, an exclusive membership of people who get priority service from us, whenever you call and wherever you’re calling from in the greater Glendale area. You’ll also get $20 to spend on your first service, as well as discounts and offers that you hear about first. Get ready to save!

Is it time to find out more about how we can help with slab leaks or other plumbing issues? Please pick up the phone and call 602-488-4647 or connect with us through our website for more information today. We are happy to help at anytime, anywhere in Glendale or surrounding areas. Don’t wait for a slab leak to become a slab-tastrophe. Let us help you to take a proactive approach!

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