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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Do you think just because you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes? When temperatures dip below 28˚, Phoenix residents face frozen pipes quite frequently. Frozen pipes are a big risk to both homeowners and apartment dwellers. Repairing water damage to your home can be costly. For example, […]

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How to tell if your water damage loss is covered under your Homeowners’ insurance policy.

Are you standing in water wondering if your homeowner’s insurance will cover your water problems? Water backup claims are some of the more ambiguous claims that homeowners face. Let’s start with the basics. When a water backup occurs, water accumulates due to a flow stoppage. Something blocks the water from traveling its normal course, like […]

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How To Quiet A Noisy Water Heater

Does your gas water heater make “popping” noises when the burner turns on? Or, if you have an electric water heater, does it make a “whistling” or “hissing” sound when it’s making hot water? This is a fairly common water heater problem, and while not an immediate problem, if it’s not attended to, it can […]

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