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Challenges of Mobile/Manufactured Home Plumbing

The plumbing in manufactured and mobile homes is different from the plumbing in traditional built housing; particularly in older units that were plumbed using polyethylene pipe. This pipe is joined using “crimped” fittings and rings. The fittings are usually plastic as well. These “poly-pipe” systems are notorious for leaking at the fitting joints as well as the fact that the pipe is prone to split, especially at points where the pipe is bent or flexed when it is installed. People who own homes with this type of pipe will become very adept at fixing it themselves or they will have a plumber on “speed-dial”. Many homes with “poly-pipe” have had this pipe replaced due to a lawsuit against the manufacturers that was settled for billions of dollars several years ago. Many people opted to take the settlement money and do nothing with the pipe and now are faced with large issues and expenses to repair the leaks and resultant damages.

Another issue with modular homes/manufactured home is that the plumbing is installed under the flooring. This means to make a repair on this pipe either the floor is going to have to be removed to gain access or someone is going to have to get under the home and cut the insulation to work on the plumbing. When homes have had repeated leaks over the years, this insulation is going to be damaged and difficult to re-install, which presents a whole ‘nother set of issues.

The best option when a customer is faced with this problem is to re-pipe the entire home. The new pipe is going to come with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer and we warranty our labor on this job for two years. Oftentimes, there are issues with the flooring becoming “spongy” due to the fact most floors in these homes is made of particle board, which swells up and disintegrates when it is exposed repeatedly to moisture. In instances like this, the homeowner’s insurance coverage will sometimes cover the removal and replacement of the floors while the customer is responsible for the plumbing repair/replacement. The restoration contractors we work with are adept at getting our customers coverage if they are entitled to it.

Lastly, we offer financing plans to help people who otherwise couldn’t afford a large bill at one time but are comfortable with a manageable payment over time. 

Your home is your castle; protect it by making the repairs when they appear and if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, call us. We are not afraid to crawl under a manufactured home to make the necessary repairs although in some instances an exterminator needs to service the premises first.

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