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How to Fix a Leak in the Ceiling

A leak in the ceiling is big problem for any homeowner. There are serious consequences for not getting leaks repaired as soon as possible. Your ceiling could collapse, a mold issue may develop, especially during the more humid months, and electrical issues may arise if water enters electrical fixtures. Unless you really know what you’re doing, when water leaks, it’s time to call a plumber – quickly.

A water leak often originates from a toilet. When a toilet overflows in a two-story home, water may find its way to your ceiling. In this case, clearing the toilet blockage will usually remedy the problem but often leaves you with resulting damage.

Another possibility is that it’s time to replace the wax ring under your toilet. Pulling up the toilet from the floor and replacing the wax ring should take care of the problem. When we replace wax rings, we normally replace the floor bolts, as well, as a best practice. Some plumbers fail to take this important extra step.

When either of these solutions solves your problem, consider that a major win. Other leaks such as seepage under the bath tub or shower are much harder to both find and fix. The only way to replace a broken tub shoe drain in a multi-story home is to open up your ceiling and cut out and replace the broken part. For this fix, you only want to do it one time and do it correctly, so it’s time to call a plumber.

Other causes for ceiling leaks could be a bad cartridge in your tub or shower, a bad shower arm, or a leak on a supply pipe going to the tub/shower valve. Our plumbers are highly skilled in the diagnosis and repair of these and other types of water leak issues.

When you have resulting drywall or other damage after a water leak, your insurance carrier will normally pay for much of the needed repair. In our experience, it is best for us to first identify the problem and then let us work with your insurance company. In the end, however, the best course of action is not to ignore water leaks.

When water appears where it shouldn’t be, call a plumber – fast. One phone call can keep a minor problem from escalating into a major home repair and save you that insurance deductible and a “hit” on your claims history.

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