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Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydrojet Unclogging

Glendale Plumbers Show Homeowners How To Choose The Proper Tool to Clean a Drain Many homeowners – when they face a clogged drain – are often at a crossroads when deciding the exact tool to use. If you have access to a plumbing drain snake and a hydro jet, knowing which to choose for your […]

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The Top 5 Preventable Plumbing Disasters that an Annual Inspection Could Catch

Could plumbing inspections in Glendale, AZ, really prevent plumbing disasters at your home? When was the last time you had a professional plumbing inspection in Glendale, AZ? Chances are your home’s plumbing is overdue for an inspection. Most homeowners figure if a plunger or some duct tape can fix the problem, it isn’t so bad. […]

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