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How and Why to Vet Your Plumber

From your bathroom, to your laundry room, to your kitchen, you rely on your home plumbing system. But we know that when something goes wrong in your plumbing, the first question that goes through your mind will be “How am I going to afford this repair?”

It’s true that plumbing services can be quite costly. According to, the “cost of a plumber ranges from $175 to $450 for a typical job with the average cost per hour ranging from $45 to $200. This can include jobs like repairing faucets, toilets, sinks or bathtubs. Depending on the job, some plumbers charge a flat rate, or service fee of $300 on average.” Major projects can run into the thousands of dollars.

When faced with those types of costs, it’s tempting to seek out a plumber based primarily on how much he charges. However, we advise you to resist that temptation. Looking for the right plumber based solely on price involves some major risks that are not worth taking.

To find a trustworthy plumber, limit your search to those who are bonded and insured and have excellent online reviews. Look out for the words “bonded and insured” whenever you hire any type of contractor.

Before deciding about which plumber to hire, ask which company underwrites their insurance and surety bond, and require them to present copies of active policies. A trustworthy plumber will be happy to show you proof of coverage. Take pictures of the relevant information in case you have to file a claim under the insurance or the bond.

Why is it essential for plumbers to carry insurance?

There are many different types of insurance that you’re probably familiar with, and they all provide some kind of protection. Health insurance pays for medical treatment, and auto insurance helps cover damages from car accidents. In the plumbing world, what you’re looking for is “contractor’s insurance,” which protects both the contractor and you in the event of an unforeseen accident. As an additional layer of protection, many companies also choose to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

If an uninsured contractor gets hurt while on your property, the worker can sue you if the employer refuses to pay for his injuries. This is a crucial reason why you should always do business with a company that carries adequate insurance. Contractor’s insurance also protects your home if anything goes wrong with the job.

Why are surety bonds important?

You may be less familiar with surety bonds than insurance, but they provide additional peace of mind and protection. Surety bonds provide protection after insurance coverage stops and are for your sole benefit, the person whose home or business we are working on.

Perhaps you realize after the plumbing service was rendered that the work was shoddy or incomplete. Surety bonds offer you some recourse in those situations. If a plumber fails to meet any of his obligations, you can seek compensation from the surety bondholder.

We know it’s tempting to shop around for a lower price – everyone wants a good deal, and getting work done on your home is expensive. However, it’s worth the extra money to find a well-reviewed, trustworthy plumber with the right coverages. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, but if it doesn’t, insurance and surety bonds can protect both you and your plumber.

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