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How Do You Repipe a Mobile/Manufactured Home?

Mobile homes, or manufactured homes are often in need of re-piping. Most older models have some form of polybutylene pipe underneath the home and behind the walls. Some even have plastic shut off valves and polybutylene supply lines. These shut off valves are notorious for not shutting off when you need them too; like when you have a leak and NEED them to shut off. And polybutylene pipe (or “poly” pipe as it is often referred to), is a nightmare waiting to happen. A spraying hole in a “poly” pipe line can ruin a floor in a very short time; the particle board underlayment absorbs the water, swells up, and the flooring buckles. An ounce of preventition is definitely the best policy here. The next step is to determine whether to repipe in plastic or copper. The high cost of copper pipe, and the difficulty of installation under a manufactured home, make Wirsbo plastic pipe an affordable and practical solution. With new brass shut off valves, and no-burst stainless supply lines, your new plumbing with last, for most of us, a lifetime-Wirsbo pipe has a 30 year warranty, that’s a better warranty that copper pipe.

If you want to be pro-active on your home repairs, and re-pipe BEFORE the flood, call us at Sav-On Plumbing for a free estimate. Call us today.

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