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Installing Water Heaters in Goodyear, Arizona

We replace a lot of water heaters in Goodyear, Arizona. Many of these water heaters have a special pressure expansion valve and ball valve components unique to the City of Goodyear’s building codes.

Many governmental agencies require the use of an expansion tank on a water heater. The expansion valve required in Goodyear takes the place of the expansion tank required in many other cities. Any water heater installed in Goodyear is required to have an expansion valve or an expansion tank. The problem with these valves is that they wear out and begin leaking.

water heater properly installed

The expansion valve will start dripping slowly at first, but over time, will discharge a steady stream of water. To avoid wasting water or creating a mold issue, you must replace the valve. The problem we find is that none of the plumbing supply houses in the Valley carry replacement valves required in Goodyear. Many plumbers when faced with this issue simply disconnect the expansion valve and the special ball valve. They put in a regular ball valve, which violates the Goodyear building code. When you put your house on the market, a home inspector flag your water heater and you will need to install the correct valve.

Rather than replace the expansion valve, you can install an expansion tank, but you’ll have to do one or the other before the home will pass the home inspection. Any problem like this could delay the sale of your home.

Expansion tanks are probably your best option, especially if you must remedy the situation quickly. At Sav-On Plumbing, we can quickly fix this problem. Of course, if you had called us to replace your water heater in the first place, you wouldn’t face this problem. As Valley plumbing specialists, we install all our water heaters to meet the building code for the city or municipality where you live or work. While building codes may seem like a nuisance sometimes, they are there to protect the homeowner.

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Drew - June 9, 2015

That’s unfortunate that no plumbers carry the replacement valve. You would think at least someone would. Thanks for sharing.

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