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Mobile home plumbing problems our specialty

Not every plumber works on mobile or manufactured homes.plumbers-not-afraid-of-coons

There are several reasons that plumbers you phone may refuse to work on your mobile home. First, some plumbers have limited experience with the specialized plumbing used in mobile homes. Next, there are varieties of “critters” that can crawl under your mobile home and set up shop. This includes snakes, roof rats, scorpions and raccoons (yes, there are raccoons in Phoenix!).

Finally, some plumbers are just too large to fit in the crawlspace under a mobile or manufactured home.

If you are experiencing a mobile home plumbing problem, give us a call first. We can discuss your problems first, and then if we feel we can help, we will visit your manufactured home to provide an on-site evaluation and estimate. Our plumbers have no problem fitting under your mobile home. We aren’t afraid of critters, although you may need to spray if there are spider infestations before we can evaluate the problem.

We have been repairing mobile homes since 1981. Many older model homes have old galvanized plumbing that can be challenging to repair. Our extensive experience with mobiles allows us to repair pipes that other plumbers may be afraid to tackle. If your home does need re-piping, we are well equipped and qualified to perform the job.

Mobile home or manufactured home drains can be difficult to clean, as well, leaving many plumbers frustrated and unable to clear the stoppage. After more than 30 years drain cleaning and doing mobile home repair in the Glendale area, there are not too many surprises for our skilled service technicians.

Mobile home plumbing repairs and drain cleaning are not for the faint of heart. We know this.

At Sav-On Plumbing, we are not afraid!

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