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Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydrojet Unclogging

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Glendale Plumbers Show Homeowners How To Choose The Proper Tool to Clean a Drain

Many homeowners – when they face a clogged drain – are often at a crossroads when deciding the exact tool to use. If you have access to a plumbing drain snake and a hydro jet, knowing which to choose for your job isn’t easy. It is important to realize that both tools are unique and either is likely to do a great job depending on the specific issue at hand. If you aren’t too sure what to go with, continue reading for some pros and cons to using either tool.

Again, depending on the issue you have, each of them can do an excellent job, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be problems.  This is a good reason to call in Glendale plumbing contractors to make sure your drain problem is fixed the right way.

Tools for Unclogging Drains


While some refer to it as plumbing snake, others like to call it the plumbing auger. They’re the same tool. A plumbing snake consists of a long metal tube that holds an inner cable with blades or a corkscrew auger on one end. On the other end is a crank. The side with the auger is inserted into the drain. To extend the cable until it reaches the clog, you turn the crank. Applying a bit of force when turning the crank will lead to two things. Either it opens up a hole through the clog, or the clog gets twisted around the auger and the metal coil so it can be pulled out. For sink drains, a straight plumbing snake is normally used, but toilet bowls call for a J-bent plumbing snake.


The make-up of the hydro jet is more complex than the plumbing snake. A hydrojet is a high-pressure hose with special nozzles that can be attached to the terminal end.  This hose connects to a machine that puts out a lot of water pressure. This pressure is what eventually frees the drain of clogs. Whether it’s hair, mineral build up, or grease causing the clog, the force of the water coming out of the right nozzle attachment can force the clog down the pipe.


Plumbing Snakes


Plumbing snakes are excellent tools to use. They’re very reliable and have been used for years by homeowners and plumbers alike to get rid of clogs. Plumbing snakes are especially great tools to use when cleaning drains whose pipes are too weak to withstand a hydro jet’s water pressure. If your home has issues with older plumbing and lower water pressure, plumbing snakes are the way to go.


The not-so-good thing about a plumbing snake is that its ability to get rid of clogs is somewhat limited. You see, plumbing snakes are designed to create holes through the clog. But the hole it can create is only as big as the tip of the tool. This means that if the tip of your plumbing snake is too small, it can only form a small hole in the clog. For minor declogging jobs,  plumbing snakes are great but for major ones, not so much.



With hydro jets, it does not matter the type of clog blocking your drain. Even if the clog is a tree root, a hydro jet can get rid of it. Hydro jets are excellent for both residential and commercial purposes. Also, hydro jets are awesome for keeping the environment safe. Using only the force of water to clean the drain, it doesn’t need to use any chemicals..


For homeowners who want to unclog drains on their own, hydro jets may not be the best option. If your pipes are too old or fragile, the high water pressure might lead to trouble. A professional plumber should inspect your pipes before using a hydrojet, to avoid causing damage.

Call a professional plumber to do the hydro jetting or snaking.

At Sav-On Plumbing, our plumbing experts know how to safely operate these drain cleaning tools without damaging your drain system. Whether your problem is in a bathroom or a kitchen, under your sink or under your house, we’re on it. We use the latest technology such as video camera inspections and electronic leak detection to ensure you do not have a hidden problem with your plumbing. So give us a call at 602-488-4647 or connect with us at online   for more information today

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