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Protect Yourself and Your Water Heater

We recently completed a Goodyear plumbing repair for a customer who had an incorrectly installed water heater pressure/temperature relief line or drain. The function of the pressure relief line is to release excess pressure in your water heat in case the water heater malfunctions and dangerous pressure builds.

As you can see from the accompanying picture, there are two glaring errors in the installation of this safety feature. Since water expands when heated, it is vital that this valve works correctly.

Incorrectly installed pressure relief line

Incorrectly installed pressure relief line.

In this case, the drain line immediately after the pressure relief valve is not sloped downhill. This causes the released water from the valve to stay in the valve and corrode the valve’s inner workings. Eventually, this valve will leak and waste water, compromising the valve’s integrity.

Further, the relief line loops up onto the top of the heater, creating a water trap. This further compromises the integrity of the relief valve. Finally, the improper relief line was installed with a water flex connector. Water flex connectors can be used to carry water to and from the heater but are prohibited by plumbing codes for pressure relief lines usage.

This home was on the market. While a home inspection should catch these errors, repairs may delay the sale of the home.

Below is a picture of a correctly installed pressure relief valve.

Correctly installed pressure relief line.

Correctly installed pressure relief line.

We all want to save money. However, hiring someone not skilled in the correct installation of a water heater and who doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the required safety features can cost you much more in the long run. If the heater malfunctioned and the valve failed to function properly, a catastrophic failure can occur. Watch this YouTube video to see the worst-case scenario when a water heater fails.

At Sav-On Plumbing, we are licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractors who are well versed in the proper installation of water heaters.

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Dev - April 23, 2015

It’s a great post, thanks for sharing.Sometime few people hire a unskilled plumber to installation water heater for saving money .But ultimately,They are cost will increase and water heater system not work properly.
It will be great to hire a professional and well skilled water heater installation service provider.

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