Water Heaters recommended for Arizona Residents

Recommended Water Heaters

We recommend and install Bradford White water heaters. What Water Heater Does Sav-On Plumbing Recommend and Why?

At Sav-On Plumbing, we recommend and install Bradford White water heaters. We will install other brands, if that is what the customer wants or has already purchased. However, when we are asked to purchase and install a water heater for our customers, we recommend purchasing a Bradford White product. There are many good reasons to install Bradford White.

  • Firstly, Bradford White is the only water heater still manufactured in the United States (most other brands are manufactured in Mexico).
  • Secondly, Bradford White’s guarantee is the best in the business. Their standard guarantee on their water heaters is 6 years, the same as most other brands.
  • Bradford White was the first manufacturer to offer a six year warranty; other manufacturers then followed suit.
  • Bradford White also offers a full six year warranty on their parts; elements, thermostats, temperature relief valve and nipples. This means if you have us install a Bradford White heater and an element or thermostat fails, we will replace those parts for a labor charge only.
  • Plus, the quality of the working parts in a Bradford White water heater far surpasses the quality of the parts you will find in a home center water heater.
  • In addition to all this, Bradford White water are competitively priced to the home center and other plumbing outlets products.

So, if it’s time to replace your existing water heater, and we recommend you replace it BEFORE it fails and causes a flood or water damage, give us a call for a quote on installing the best, Bradford White.

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