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Replace Leaking Cast Iron Pipe Under Your Home

We were recently called out to replace a customer’s bath tub and tub drain he was having problems with. After a camera sewer inspection, it was not hard to see why. This home had extensive cracked cast iron pipe and leaking cast iron pipe under the slab.

The solution to this problem was to do a complete re-drain of the customer’s home with new ABS pipe and drain fittings. This involved cutting and removing concrete flooring and drywall to access and remove the damaged pipe. As the walls were already open, we re-piped the home to eliminate the 30+ year old copper pipe under the concrete also. This was a double win for the customer: the drywall would not have to be cut out and replaced in the future (in addition to patch work and paint), but because the walls were already open, the water re-pipe could be done at a substantial savings to the customer.

If you are experiencing poor drainage, or have old cast iron pipe under your slab (if you have cast iron pipe in your home, it is old), call Sav-On Plumbing for an assessment and free estimate on an affordable solution.

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