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Replace Outdated Angle Stop Valves and Supply Lines

Old, outdated one-piece angle stop and supply lines are a problem waiting to happen. If either one starts leaking or goes bad, the entire piece must be replaced. And, they will go angle stop and supply lines

The shut off valve has a plastic stem and handle, and what happens is when it is not turned for a long period of time, it “freezes” in one position. Then, when you try to turn it off, the stem snaps in half, or the handle breaks necessitating replacing the shut off and attached supply line.

Or, if it does shut off, when you disconnect the supply line from the faucet or toilet, it springs a leak that is unrepairable.

The solution to all this mess is to replace the angle stop valve with a new “quarter turn” angle stop valve and a new “no burst” stainless steel supply line.

Up to date quarter turn angle stop and stainless steel no burst supply line

These valves will shut off even if not turned in a long long time, and the flexible stainless supply line can be easily changed if the need be.

At Sav-On Plumbing, we recommend changing out all these outdated angle stop/supply line combinations at the same time. We can give you a good price on doing it like this, and you won’t be “nickel and dimed” by doing them one at a time. Call us now 602-488-4647 for an in-home estimate.


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