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Sav-On Wins Angie’s List Super Service Award

Angie's List Super Service Award

What does the Super Service Award from Angie’s List mean to you? Here’s how it can help you to choose the right plumber for the job.

Angie’s List Super Service Award is a designation of high quality and an indicator that a brand or service provider has the best possible reviews and feedback in the industry. Learn more about this prestigious award and why the Sav-On Plumbing team is so pleased to receive it.

As an objective, third-party resource that keeps homeowners and consumers up-to-date on the performance of local plumbers and other home service providers, Angie’s List is a valuable source for trusted information. The brand does more than just track performance and customer feedback; it also highlights the top brands in the industry. Sav-On is delighted to be the recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award; our commitment to service and to providing the ultimate care for your home is a hallmark of our brand.

What Is the Angie’s List Super Service Award?

Angie’s List announces the Super Service Awards annually and selects the winners based on the feedback of real customers—not on guesswork, paid advertising or marketing. Every time a home service provider or plumber receives a review on Angie’s List, they increase their chances of becoming a candidate for the award.

The top 5% of providers in each category each year receives the Super Service designation. When you see the Angie’s List Super Service Award on our Sav-On signs and website or in advertising spots, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that real homeowners just like you are giving their stamps of approval to our business.

With so many plumbing companies in the Glendale area, we are truly honored to receive recognition as the top choice for local homeowners. This designation means you can work with us with confidence, knowing that other homeowners in our own community have had positive experiences with our company. Each year, we work hard to ensure we stay in the top 5% of Glendale plumbing providers and are committed to maintaining our status as a Super Service business. 

Criteria for the Angie’s List Super Service Award 

According to Angie’s List, it calculates Super Service Awards using information provided as part of customer feedback. Since the site is continuously updating, they use the most recent feedback to determine the annual award. They calculate fresh results annually to ensure they are always up-to-date and accurate from year to year. 

Customers visit the Angie’s List website to submit feedback on a variety of factors. When it comes to plumbing companies, customers rate their services on some of the following:

  • Quality of work: Was the customer pleased with the result of the work?
  • Cleanliness: No matter how good the repair was a plumber who tracks dirt through the house or who leaves behind a mess just isn’t going to make a customer happy.
  • Cost: Did the final cost of the project align with the estimate and expected cost? Differences in the total cost could lead to lower ratings.
  • Customer Service: Were the onsite and in-office team polite and friendly? Did they explain the work they were performing and provide tips regarding upkeep or maintenance? Attitude and service could have an impact on the final feedback.
  • Complaints and Concerns: Did the company handle any concerns promptly and professionally? Things can and do go wrong during a plumbing job, but the way the team reacts plays a considerable role in the overall satisfaction of the customer.
  • Timeliness: Did the plumbing team show up when they said they would, and did they complete the work in a timely manner?

Customers will consider all of these questions when writing their reviews. It’s important to note that the actual review comes directly from the customers—not Angie’s List. Once the customer submits commentary, the List displays reviews in chronological order, with the newest one on top. This allows site visitors to locate the most recent and relevant results quickly to obtain the most up-to-date information about a company. 

Angie’s List uses customer feedback to select recipients of the Super Service Award each year. Because this is an annual award and based on the most recent results from real customers, the Super Service designation is an ideal way to identify the best providers in the local area.

Taking the time to research any plumber you are considering working with can ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the service. Angie’s List Super Service Award is one of the best ways to spot proven professionals; this designation is only won by the top 5% of plumbing brands in any given area.

Choose an Award-Winning Glendale Plumber for Your Home Plumbing Needs

There’s really no reason to hire less than the best plumbing company for your Glendale home plumbing needs. At Sav-On Plumbing, you can count on reliable, expert-level services as well as the attentive customer service that brings you peace of mind throughout the process. Reach out to our friendly team members today to get the answers to your questions or to schedule service. Connect with us online now or call 602.488.4647. 

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