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Simple Maintenance Can Double the Life of Your Water Heater 


Did you know your water heater is not maintenance free?

One of the best ways to double the life of your water heater is by replacing its anode rod.

If you’ve purchased a quality water heater, you can expect it to last at least ten years with proper maintenance. We sell only quality units that come with a standard six-year warrantee.

Assuming you’ve purchased a good unit, one of the most important things you can do is replace your anode rod.

What is an anode rod?

An anode rod screws into the top of your water heater to protect your water heater against rust and corrosion. The rod is a steel core wire comprised of three different metals. The anode rod “sacrifices” itself through a process called “electrolysis.” This way, the anode rod corrodes rather than the metal in your water heater. The photo shows a four-year old anode rod our plumber, Jesse, recently replaced.

Manufacturers recommend you change your anode rod every four years. When this maintenance is done properly, we’ve seen water heaters routinely last from eight to ten years or more. Changing the anode rod every four years in connection with flushing your water heater yearly can significantly extend the life of your water heater. Call us for more information about this important water heater maintenance.

Be sure your water heater has the correct anode rod for your water conditioning system. If you have a salt-based water conditioners or water softeners require a special anode rod that doesn’t come standard in any water heaters.

And if you don’t have a ball valve on your incoming water line to your water heater, install one. This will make it easier to service the water heater and helps to prevent a costly water damage claim.

Routine maintenance extends the life of your water heater

Let’s recap the four maintenance steps you can take to insure you get the maximum life out of your water heater.

1. Replace your sacrificial anode rod every four years. This is your protection against corrosive elements destroying the lining of your water heater

2. Service your water heater on a regular basis as directed in your owner’s manual.

3. Install long-life or lifetime warranty heating elements in your water heater.

4. Install a ball valve or metal water heater drain in your water heater.

Most of us simply don’t have the time or the skills to service a water heater. Don’t get stuck replacing a leaking water heater without first trying some maintenance. With the installed price of a quality water heater exceeding $1,000, replacing the anode rod and servicing your water heater is a sound investment.

If you need help, give Sav-On Plumbing a call at 602-488-4647.

We will come out and service it the first time and show you how to perform this task yourself, saving even more money.

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