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The Top 5 Preventable Plumbing Disasters that an Annual Inspection Could Catch

Could plumbing inspections in Glendale, AZ, really prevent plumbing disasters at your home?

When was the last time you had a professional plumbing inspection in Glendale, AZ? Chances are your home’s plumbing is overdue for an inspection. Most homeowners figure if a plunger or some duct tape can fix the problem, it isn’t so bad. But small leaks and persistent clogs can be signs of much bigger, invisible problems.

Not enough homeowners know how important plumbing inspections are for their Glendale, AZ homes. Plumbing systems need check-ups too, just like your teeth. You need a professional to take care of your regular plumbing maintenance tasks. A qualified plumber will use these appointments to identify emerging problems before they become disasters. If your smile is worth the hassle, isn’t your plumbing system worth it too?

You might be curious about these so-called preventable plumbing disasters. Feeling skeptical about the true value of routine plumbing inspections? We asked our experienced team of plumbers for their feedback on this topic. According to them, these are the five most preventable plumbing disasters that annual inspections can catch:

5 Plumbing Disasters You’re Most Likely to Encounter

  1. Flooding in the home due to a broken toilet supply line. The majority of flooded homes we go into are due to broken toilet supply lines. The specific culprit in most of these instances is toilet supply lines with plastic nuts. The solution to this is to replace toilet supply lines that have plastic nuts with supply lines that have metal nuts.
  2. Flooding in the home due to a burst washing machine hose. The black rubber tubing is the type of hose that tends to fail most often. To eliminate this problem, we replace old rubber hoses with stainless steel “no-burst” hoses. It’s a simple solution to a major problem.
  3. Flooding or water damage due to a leaking water heater that does not have a drain pan underneath it. A water heater drain pan is the cheapest insurance policy against a water heater flood you can find. Our plumbing experts can install one for you in no time.
  4. A flood from an overflowing toilet that won’t shut off. This is due to the toilet shut-off valve not working. The most common cause for shut off valve failure is old age. Check your shut off valves each year to verify that they are functional. Have faulty valves replaced right away.
  5. A flood in the home because the main water shut off valve doesn’t work. The shut off valve is the most important piece of plumbing in the home. Many people don’t know where their shut off valve is, much less whether it will shut off the water or not. The time to verify whether it works or not is before you need it in an emergency.

Why You Need to Schedule Plumbing Maintenance Now with Sav-On Plumbing

Booking your annual plumbing inspection with Sav-On is a smart investment. Your home’s pipes and fixtures need inspections and care. Our 62-Point Plumbing System Inspection will reveal any emerging issues that need attention. As an added bonus, your plumber will flush your hot water for you. This step eliminates sediments that build up in the tank and cause inefficiency and underperformance.

During the inspection, your plumber will make recommendations to improve the longevity of your plumbing system. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing old plastic fasteners. Other times we might recommend bigger repairs or replacements. All of these suggestions are in your best interest. It’s always better to get ahead of problems before they become major disasters.

How to Get the Best Plumbing Inspection for Your Glendale, AZ Plumbing System

Right now is the best time to schedule your plumbing maintenance appointment. Our team of plumbing experts will take great care of you and your home’s pipes. Our guys take the time to explain each issue they identify. They will offer you the best solutions to choose from. After we answer any questions you have, we will help you make the right decision to keep your home’s plumbing system in tip-top shape.

Ready to schedule your 62-point plumbing system inspection? You should know we only make 20 of these appointments available each month. If you want to prevent plumbing emergencies, don’t wait any longer. Call Sav-On Plumbing today or connect with us now online to get professional plumbing maintenance in Glendale, AZ.

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