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Things to Watch for When Looking for a Plumber

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The right plumber can unclog pipes as well as get your toilet working and your drains flowing optimally in record time. On the other hand, the wrong plumber can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system and budget. 

Unless you are building or renovating a home, your call to a plumber is likely going to be because of some kind of problem with your plumbing system. From an overflowing toilet to burst pipes or clogged drains, you need help right away. 

What happens when the plumber you call just isn’t up to the job – or worse, is an outright scammer? You’re left with broken plumbing and out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can avoid this issue by learning some common red flags to watch for when it comes to plumbing services – this will allow you to identify a pro and get your work done, worry-free.

5 Warning Signs of a Bad Plumber

Bad business practices, false urgency, lack of training and more can cause you to pay more and get less when it comes to your plumbing work. When you know what to watch for and what to avoid, you can minimize risk and hire a plumber who will perform a job well done the first time. 

Watch for these red flags when it is time to choose a plumber; any of these could mean you are dealing with a plumber who is not worthy of your trust or business:

  • No license, no insurance: Just because someone has a truck and business cards does not mean they are licensed or insured. If the plumber you have contacted does not have either a license or insurance, they could be cutting corners in other areas as well. Even worse, a plumber without insurance puts your home at risk; you could end up paying for any damage they cause out of your own pocket.
  • Plumbing is not the provider’s specialty: Plumbing work requires specific tools and gear; your plumber should have the right tools for the job and specialize in plumbing. A general handyman may know a bit about plumbing but could end up doing more harm than good in your home. Your plumber should be a specialist and able to perform any plumbing tasks you need.
  • They go door to door or just show up: Any work crew canvassing your neighborhood is questionable; this includes plumbers. Someone going door to door offering inspections may be legitimate – or they may be offering a free inspection simply to discover “problems” you should pay them right now to fix. If it seems sketchy, it probably is; go with your gut on these situations and call an established local plumber to get the help you need.
  • Phone solicitations: Plumbing and home improvement brands that sell services over the phone often result in significant costs for homeowners. The typical scenario involves a free inspection of the water heater, an analysis of water use or water testing. However, it can quickly develop into a costly replacement or repair—one that you may not even need. A legitimate plumber will engage in marketing but won’t resort to bait and switch methods to secure work.
  • In-home upsells: You called a plumber for a leaky toilet, but suddenly you are getting the hard sales pitch on a new water heater or a bathroom makeover. It’s wise to avoid plumbers pressuring you into buying more than you need or using scare tactics to get you to sign-up for more services.
  • Estimate without assessment: A plumber providing an estimate over the phone without seeing your problem may be off by quite a bit when the time comes to perform the work. A plumber needs to see the actual problem and assess the issue before providing an estimate; otherwise, it is merely guesswork, and the final bill could be a shocker. A ballpark idea of cost or a general range is ok, but a plumber that gives you a detailed price over the phone may not be as accurate as you would like.
  • Cash only: A plumber that wants only cash may be trying to avoid taxes and could be taking short cuts in other places as well. While you can pay cash if you choose, insistence on cash payments is a red flag; it is more challenging to recover cash if the work is not up to standard when it is complete.

Your home is your most substantial investment, so being able to spot a lousy plumber can save you a significant amount of time and money and protect this vital asset.

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