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Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Water Heater

All water heaters are created equal right? NOT!!! A top quality water heater, like what we sell, can only be purchased at a plumbing supply house. We sell and install Bradford White water heaters; the ONLY water heater still made in the USA. These heaters have several features that make them a far superior choice over the heaters homeowners purchase at the do-it-yourself centers.

Bradford White heaters come with a standard 6 year warranty on the tank AND the components-elements, thermostats, temperature/relief valve, gas control, etc. And, the quality of the components is far superior to your home center heater (check the elements for size for instance). Our heaters will outlast the home center heater without fail.

Another often overlooked item is the water heater drain. Of course, we all know that water heaters are supposed to be drained periodically; every 3-6 months minimum. Our water heaters have an all brass drain that won’t fail and leak after the tank has been drained. A cheap plastic drain will work, once or twice, but when it fails you’ll have 40-50 gallons of water leaking that you won’t be able to stop. No one considers this until it’s too late.

Lastly, our water heater comes with a one year in-home service warranty. This means if you have a problem the first year, we will come fix it at no charge to you. If you have a problem in years 2-6, you will pay for the service, not for the parts. Bottom line, you will save money in the short and long run, plus avoid the hassle of having to find someone to try to repair a substandard water heater.

Give us a call 602-488-4647. We’ll quote you a reasonable price and get it done the same day. That’s service!


Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Water HeaterPhoenix Plumbing Blog | Phoenix Plumbing Blog | Glendale AZ Plumber - October 27, 2012

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