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When Should I get a Sewer Line Video Inspection?

A sewer line video inspection is a lot like getting a colonoscopy – nobody wants to get one but it’s a lot better to determine exactly what the problem is so you attempt to repair it.

Cracked and split cast iron sewer pipe

Here’s a pipe we inspected, found bad, dug up and replaced!
The magic of video inspection.

A video sewer inspection allows you to determine the exact problem you are having and also the exact location of the problem (usually to within 18 inches of the leak or crack). Today’s video equipment offers a highly detailed view of the interior of your sewer line or kitchen sink drain piping, allowing us to determine what is causing either of those lines to plug.

Whenever the problem is under concrete, a video inspection is a must. This will eliminate unnecessary digging and concrete removal and replacement. If the problem is outside the home and is more than two feet deep, a video inspection and location are a good investment against wasted work digging in the wrong location. Just because water or sewage is coming up in the yard in one location doesn’t guarantee that the problem is necessarily directly under that puddle. Our experience has repeatedly shown us that a video inspection saves money in the long run.

If you are experiencing repeat problems with the same drain line, it’s definitely time to perform a video inspection. We have an experienced and highly qualified inspector whose sole job is performing video sewer inspections of drain lines. We review the footage to determine whether there is a break in the pipe, a bad fitting, an improperly installed drain line, or any one of a number of other potential problems.

While today’s video equipment provides a detailed view of what’s going on down there, it’s equally important that the person viewing the video be skilled in interpreting what they see. What one person may consider unimportant, a skilled plumber may interpret differently.

We are very experienced in sewer line video inspection and repair and will be happy to discuss your problem at no charge naturally.

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