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Your sewer clean out is NOT on the roof

Often times we are called by customers wanting us to come and “snake” their sewer line. Many of these  same customers want to know the price of the job before we send a serviceman to their home.

It is easier and much more efficient  to be able to clean the line from a clean-out on the ground.

It is also cheaper to clean the line from a clean-out. However, the  pipe on the roof for the drainage system is not a clean-out, nor is it intended to be used as such. Some plumbers routinely open the drain or sewer thru the roof vent. While this “quick-fix remedy” cures the problem temporarily, in the long run it creates more problems than it solves. Unseen roof damage that appears minor takes years off the life of the roof. Even more drastic is the damage that results when a healthy rain finally appears and suddenly, water is coming through the ceiling. Now the customer is hit with a double whammy; roof damage caused by neglect, and the consequent ceiling damage as a result.

Much better to have the sewer line located, properly- sized clean-outs installed and the line cleaned with a full sized cutter blade. Only then can the true condition of the sewer line be assessed, the line cleaning guaranteed, and no worries that the next monsoon or winter “soaker” will bring a nightmare to life right there in your home.

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