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1 Protect Yourself and Your Water Heater

We recently completed a Goodyear plumbing repair for a customer who had an incorrectly installed water heater pressure/temperature relief line or drain. The function of the pressure relief line is to release excess pressure in your water heat in case the water heater malfunctions and dangerous pressure builds. As you can see from the accompanying […]

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New Water Heaters Are Coming!

What’s the big deal about new water heaters? Well, nothing, until you need a new one, and then they might be a problem. Starting April 2015, a new energy factor takes effect that will change the manufacturing guidelines of water heaters. To meet new government energy efficiency standards, new water heaters will be taller, wider […]

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How To Quiet A Noisy Water Heater

Does your gas water heater make “popping” noises when the burner turns on? Or, if you have an electric water heater, does it make a “whistling” or “hissing” sound when it’s making hot water? This is a fairly common water heater problem, and while not an immediate problem, if it’s not attended to, it can […]

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Recommended Water Heaters

What Water Heater Does Sav-On Plumbing Recommend and Why? At Sav-On Plumbing, we recommend and install Bradford White water heaters. We will install other brands, if that is what the customer wants or has already purchased. However, when we are asked to purchase and install a water heater for our customers, we recommend purchasing a […]

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